Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ultimate Breakfast

This snapshot may look like a simple breakfast of fried tators with onions, biscuits and gravy, and it is.  But good sausage gravy doesn't just happen.  It takes time, practice and patience to make it right.  And a good teacher is a big help too.  Yea, it's a simple, hardy breakfast, and much more.  It's a memory.  Many memories as a matter of fact, that come back every time I make this.  Memories of times spent with good friends in wonderful places doing things that we loved to do and lived for.  Also the memory of a Man who was our camp cook at many a deer camp.  He is more than just a camp cook.  He is a teacher, a guide, a mentor and a good friend.  He is the one who taught me how to make good sausage gravy.  Always a smiling face.  Always a good story or tale to tell, about life, past experiences and laughter.  Always, living life to it's fullest.  I haven't seen this man for a couple of years, and that's a shame.  He was a big influence on many aspects of my life, and I need to rectify the absence.

Here's to you Pedro, the ultimate breakfast!  Thanks for the memories.

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