Friday, August 31, 2012

Enjoying the View

I know I've said it before, but Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me.  Here we are in one of the worst droughts in many years and she throws me a curve ball.

I went out to the Fen the other night.  As I walked back and came up over the hill overlooking the lower fen, I was greeted with so much amazing color.  I almost couldn't believe it.  I continued around the edge and down into the fen, stopping to examine all the different varieties of late summer bloomers.  Once I finally reached the spot I was going to, I just stood there and took it all in.  So many colors, everywhere.  I don't think I've seen an explosion of color here, like this, at any other time of the year.  As I stood there in amazement, thinking it couldn't get any better, it did.

This little six point wandered out on the far side, about 130 yards away from me.  Luckily, I had one of my longer zooms already mounted.  I snapped away furiously while he let me.  The distance and the diminishing light gave me all the challenge I could handle, especially while handholding.  When he turned and moved up the hill out of site, without even flagging, all I could think was, Wow!


  1. What a beautiful buck in a beautiful setting!


  2. Thanks Deb. That was an amazing evening to be at Gallagher. I've seen hundreds of deer there through the last several years, including several I would have liked to become better acquainted with if I was still bowhunting. This guy sticks in my mind the most. It was such a beautiful, surreal scene, and I could not have imagined it any better. Ahhhh....Mother Nature!