Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Friends come from many different places.  Family comes from just as many places.  New family can come into your life unexpectedly.

I remember the night this little "Rat" adopted my family.  He showed up at our door step, barking and jumping high enough that I could see him through the door window.  Being dog lovers and having two little girls at the time, there was no way he was getting "shooed" away or left out in the cold.  We tried to find his owner, but no one answered the adds and no one from the neighborhood recognized him.  So, he moved in, just like he had lived here all his life.  He couldn't have weighed more than 8 pounds but had the personality and attitude of a 80 pound Rottweiler.  I think he had been abused because he was very skiddish at times and was very sensitive about being touched on his side.  But he was so loving and friendly, I can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt him.

I loved the way he would tunnel under a blanket to stay warm.  He did not like the snow, especially when it was deeper than he was tall.  But he still patrolled the yard to make sure no one had interfered with his domain.  Any time I was in the recliner, watching TV or napping, he had to be right beside me.  When he wanted his neck rubbed, he would sit up with his  front legs on my chest.  Then he would bow his head, as if he was praying while he thoroughly enjoyed his neck massage.  And he always found a sunbeam to lay in to keep warm.  Feeding time was always an exciting time too.  I've never seen a dog get so excited.  He would jump constantly, a couple of feet or more off the ground, until I had his bowl set on the floor for him.  Then the food would be gone before he even tasted it.

Such great love in a small little being.

Yes, family can come into your life unexpectedly.  It can also leave it, just as unexpectedly.

Rest in peace, my little rat buddy.  I'll have a treat for you next time I see you.