Sunday, March 31, 2013

Woodland Brothel

Slowly but surely, the signs of Spring are appearing in the woods.  New green leaves are poking through the decaying leaves.  Buds on the under brush are beginning to swell.  Warblers and flocks of Robins flitter about the woods, proclaiming their right to this area or that tree.  And the Vernal Pools are forming.  Within these "singles bars" of the woodlands, many of the amphibians of our area are busy gettin busy.  The frogs and toads will become more vocal in the days ahead.  Salamanders will chase one and other looking for a willing breeding partner.  The eggs sacks will start to appear, and the circle of life will continue for some of our seldom seen woodland creatures.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Lonely Path

The transition between late winter and early spring is a difficult time.  As humans, we want it now.  We want spring to be here.  We crave the warming sun, the spring wildflowers, the change to better times.  Nature does not care what we want.  She will do things in her own fashion as she has done them for eons.  She is waking the woods.  The signs are there.  But it awakens slowly, as it should, as the time is right.  No need to rush these things.

(Side Note - this image was made four days before the vernal equinox.  Even though it was almost spring, the woods had a very "fall like" feel to it.)