Thursday, February 28, 2013


Nature has a way of reminding us of how fragile life actually is.  The message is always there for those who care to notice.  Every time I venture into the woods, I see the cycles of nature.  The beginnings and the ends.  If there are, truly ends.  For it is an endless cycle.  Nature recycles everything.  When something dies, or a season changes, what remains behind is recycled into something else that causes life to begin again.  It is a cycle that has served the planet quite well for eons, until man came along and tried to change the cycle.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Come On Springtime!

Spring is coming!  Even as the ice, snow and cold haggles for more time in our lives, spring is coming.  Mid-winter can be a depressing time.  The days are cold and gray.  Time seems to pass slowly.  The sun holds too close to the horizon to provide much warmth.  But, if you are brave enough to venture forth, from the warm, comfortable and somewhat secure homes that we make for ourselves, we find that nature is ready to awaken.  She is ready for SPRING!  The sun is actually warming the landscape.  Birds are singing.  Spirits are rising.  And plants are growing and thriving, and pushing their way through the ice that remains where they live.  You can't stop progress in the natural world.  Come on, Springtime!