Saturday, November 13, 2010

George Rogers Clark Park

Just heard some very disappointing news. One of our local parks, along with several other areas (wetland areas, and miles of bike trails) will be closed because of the recent support levy failure. The levy would have cost the average county home owner about $5.00 a year. Yes, only $5.00! George Rogers Clark Park is one of the most beautiful, pristine and well preserved natural areas in our county, with old growth trees that are hundreds of years old, a waterfall, beautiful lake, hiking trails and picnic areas. I have been going there since I was a kid. I remember the Boy Scout Jamborees, family picnics, fishing with my dad, and all the hikes and photos taken through the years. Several of the images posted here were taken at George Rogers Clark Park. I just don't know why people can't understand what a difference places like this make in their lives and the value of their community, even if they don't go there.

I am really bummed.

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