Sunday, May 29, 2011

Crossing Bridges

Life has many bridges we must cross. Sometimes we come to a bridge and hesitate. The bridge looks safe. The other side is where we want to go. There is familiarity and comfort on the other side. There may even be something we have been missing from our lives that is within reach, on the other side. We know we must cross this bridge, yet still, we hesitate. Why? So many questions to be asked before we cross. So many things to be resolved. Maybe we need someone from the other side to take our hand and help us across. That helping hand, that loving touch, can give us the strength we need to make the crossing. Sometimes faith must prevail over all the doubts and questions, so that we can take that hand and feel that love.


  1. Where was this picture taken? You can get lost in the unknown on the other side. I would hang this over my sofa for anytime I needed to get away.

  2. Thank you! This was taken at George Rogers Clark Park. One of my favorite haunts.