Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Luck Pam!

A lady in my latest photography class had agreed to shoot a wedding for a "friend". I don't know her except through the class, but she seems to be a very fun person to be around. Energetic, driven, and wanting to learn more about this art form called photography. I've seen some of her images and she has a very good eye (IMHO) for what she wants to convey. Her equipment is a bit limited, so I offered her one of my flashes and showed her how to use it. I also offered my help (as limited as it is) if she needed it.

Today, we met at the church for a little "scouting" session. Talk about atrocious light!!! Typical church - dark, stained glass, horrendous side lights. I had a gray card with me, so I showed her how to do a custom color balance setting. That made all the difference in the world! I suggested a few traditional and non-traditional wedding shots, and had her practice them. She did very well! I think she was a lot more comfortable when I left and had a better understanding of her equipment and what she was in for. I hope she does alright.

Understand this, I am not a wedding shooter! I have shot a grand total of ONE wedding in my life. That was for a friend's family back in the film days....with questionable results. My photography knowledge (be it, as it is) is beyond hers, so I offered to help. I love to help others and teach where I can, so I couldn't help but give her a hand. I hope she does well, for her sake and for the wedding party.

Good luck Pam!

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